Alex Blakely Reading Order

At the present time, I have ideas for at least 10 books in the Cache Iron Mystery Series. Book 4 is currently in the editing phase and I have drafted Book 5.

You can read my books as a stand-alone novel where each case is wrapped up at the end of the novel or you can read in order and experience Cache Iron’s life for yourself, right from the beginning.

As you meet Cache Iron for the first time, you will connect with her in her early thirties. Discharged from the army and working the family’s cattle ranch, just west of the town of Hart, Montana.

You can download a pdf list here.

Alex Blakely Reading Order Image

Book One: Cold Iron

Book Two: Hot Iron

Book Three: Iron Proof

Book Four: Charged Iron (not yet published)

Book Five: Candy Coated Iron (not yet published)