Bizarre Murder Weapons, You Never Knew About

Bizarre Murder Weapons, You Never Knew About

Was it Colonel Mustard who killed the victim with a wrench in the library? If you ever played the game Clue, you know that this is one potential outcome. Was a wrench such an odd weapon? It’s no knife or gun, but over the years, killers have used a host of oddities as killing instruments. Below, we explore some of the more unusual kind.

  1. Nail Gun - It’s not only in the movies. In 2009, Sydney police discovered the body of a Chinese immigrant who had been shot in the head with a high-power nail gun. Read More about the story.

  2. Corkscrew - The next time someone you know is opening a bottle of wine, try not to get them angry as they are holding a weapon in one, if not both, of their hands. In this example, the authorities charged a woman with stabbing her boyfriend to death with a corkscrew. Read More about the story.

  3. Electric Guitar - One could say this was an instrument of destruction. In Des Moines County, they charged a man with using an electric guitar as a murder weapon. Read More about the story.

  4. Breasts - In Germany, a woman was accused of trying to suffocate her boyfriend with her Double D breasts. You can’t make this stuff up. Read More about the story.

  5. Stiletto heels - In Houston, the authorities charged a woman in the killing of her boyfriend after she stabbed him 25 times with a stiletto shoe. I guess we can’t say that her feet were killing her? Read More about the story.

  6. Frying Pan - you wonder if all those cartoons where one character smacks another character with a frying pan was the inspiration for this crime. The authorities charged a Northern Illinois woman in the murder of her boyfriend with supposedly using a frying pan as one of the weapons. Read More about the story.

  7. Conch Shell - The authorities in New Bedford found a woman dead, having been beaten with several items, including a conch shell. Read More about the story. 

So the next time you’re reading a novel and the killer picks up a computer keyboard and slays his victim with it, don’t think that couldn’t happen in real life. The stories outlined above show that where there is a will, there is a way.

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