Iron Investigations

You can find Iron Investigations in the town of Hart, Montana. While our community is the right size for us, rest assured that we handle cases of all sizes. We travel where we are needed the most, whether that be on either coast of the United States or halfway around the world. Where help is needed, we are only a phone call or email away.

I founded Iron Investigations, as the notoriety that came from one of my first big cases made me realize I had the skills to aid people who needed help. Since then, I have been involved in several high-profile murder investigations, kidnappings and art recovery assignments. Discretion is part of our ethos. We have worked with several large corporations, government agencies, and individuals where privacy was an utmost concern.

I was born in Montana and grew up about twenty-five miles west of the town of Hart. I hail from a long line of ranchers, having originally settled in the state in the early nineteen hundreds. With my three brothers and parents, we work with several organizations helping to serve the community of Hart.

I graduated from Loy Highschool before attending Dartmouth College to study art history. Following a four-year program, I enlisted in the United States Army to serve my country and give back all that this great nation has given me.

During my time in the military, I spent six years serving in the military police stationed home and abroad before being honourably discharged from the service and returning to my cattle roots.

My first brush with notoriety came from my involvement in tracking down the Bolden Brothers, who escaped prison custody during transport. You may also remember me from the nightly news when I captured the infamous pin-up killer in Los Angeles.

If you are considering hiring Iron Investigations for your situation and need further information on what I can do for you. Pick up a copy of the Cache Iron mystery series by author Alex Blakely. You can find the ebooks and paperbacks at all major bookstores and libraries or you can click here to learn more about the case that started it all.

I look forward to getting to know you better.