The New Cache Iron Mystery Series Logo

The New Cache Iron Mystery Series Logo

I wanted to share some exciting news with everyone. One project that I have wanted to do for a while was work with an artist to develop a logo to represent the Cache Iron mystery series. A few weeks ago I took the plunge and I am happy to share with you the new logo for the series.

We will use the logo in marketing efforts to bring more awareness to the series and a set of Cache Iron products.


Some things to note about the logo. Obviously, we have the female detective, being Cache Iron. The classic fedora associated with many detectives found in literature, television, and motion pictures. The classic styled trench coat is in the same color as the hat.

The magnifying glass was often associated with members of the detective community, the most famous of all being Sherlock Holmes.

Inside the magnifying glass we have the Central Rocky Mountains found in the State of Montana, which is where Cache Iron was born and raised.

Around her neck is a set of dog tags from the time she spent in the US army as a Military Police Officer.

I feel the logo embodies the Cache Iron Mystery series and I hope you like it.

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