The Advancements in A.I. Image Creation for the Author and Reader

The Advancements in A.I. Image Creation for the Author and Reader

I am not sure if I am writing this post with authors in mind, my readers, or both. In the past several months, there has been an explosion in the discussions about artificial intelligence or A.I. for short. One of these tools at the forefront is a program called ChatGPT, which I have been experimenting with a bit and it's quite impressive. You enter some basic information about what you are looking for and it prepares a detailed answer for you.

If I was writing a scene in an upcoming book of something taking place in a marina in New England, I could ask ChatGPT what the sights and sounds might be like at a marina near Boston and its response may expedite my research or point me in an entirely different direction. For me and so many other authors is we want to set the right scene for our readers and programs like ChatGPT could become valuable assistants to this process.

One of the other areas that is emerging is the use of A.I. is to create unique images from scratch. When a book designer creates a book cover, they use various stock art out on the market. Therefore, sometime you will see the same person gracing the covers of various books. Now, with A.I. art generation, designers can create unique images from the ideas in their heads. 

I have been working with the A.I. image creator Dall-e 3 to create some artwork based on things that I have written about in my first three books. I am also using it to flush out ideas for my next books. Below are some ideas that have been created so far. I hope you enjoy them.

Images Related to Cold Iron

Images from Hot Iron of Cache and Duke

Entrance Signs for Hart, Montana featured in all three books

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