Detective Cars to Drive to a Crime Scene

Detective Cars to Drive to a Crime Scene

There are several things we associate with detectives. It could be the bicycle that Angela Fletcher rode in Murder She Wrote, the moustache of Hercule Poirot or the pipe smoked by Sherlock Holmes. One thing that several detectives from literature, movies and television are associated with is the vehicle they drove. This article focuses on detective cars that you may or may not be familiar with.

When I crafted out my protagonist, Cache Iron, I wanted her to have a ride that people could associate her with. Not a fancy sports car or a minivan. I chose a 1948 Whiticker and for the reasons, you will need to turn to the pages of Hot Iron to find out why.

What you have never heard of a Whiticker from the Montana Automotive Corporation? Well, you will learn more about it in the future, all to be revealed in the upcoming novel, Melting Iron. On the other hand, you probably have heard of the vehicles below:

  1. Kinsey Millhone drove a Volkswagen and many online have suggested that it was a beetle.
  2. Frank Columbo played on television by actor Peter Falk drove a Peugeot 403.
  3. We could often see police detectives Ken Hutchinson and Dave Starsky driving their red 1975 Ford Torino with the white stripe down the side.
  4. Before the movies, we had the television show about three police women recruited from the police academy, Jill Monroe, Sabrina Duncan and Kelly Garrett. Who went to work for a guy named Charlie. Detective Jill Monroe could be seen driving a Mustang Cobra II.
  5. Anyone that had to hire Jim Rockford from the Rockford Files could find him driving a Firebird Esprit.
  6. I often wondered how inconspicuous a detective would be if we saw them driving around the island of Hawaii in a red 308 Ferrari GTS, but Thomas Magnum seems to have made it work.
  7. Who wouldn't want to join the San Francisco police department if they allowed you to drive a 1971 Plymouth Baracuda like the one driven by Inspector Nash Bridges?
  8. If you needed a detective in Los Angeles, you could look to hire the Riptide Detective Agency. This might enable you to glimpse a 1960 Chevrolet Corvette C1.
  9. While there are many things to check out when you are in Las Vegas. If you need a detective, you could check out Dan Tanna and his 1957 Ford Thunderbird.
  10. When the wife of the CEO of Hart Industries was joining her husband to solve the latest crime to come onto their radar, you could spot Jennifer Hart driving around in a Mercedes-Benz 450 SL.

Ten detective cars driven by some pretty famous detectives. Our question for you is, have we missed anyone? Is there a vehicle you remember a famous detective driving that you want to share? Please leave us your comments below.

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